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Bow hunting is very popular in South Africa and bow hunters find it extremely exiting and comfortable at our lodge. Hides are placed strategically to ensure maximum success and the average shooting distance range from 12 to 23 meter. These hides also include tree stands and are very comfortable for the hunters. A professional hunter is at your service to ensure you choose the perfect trophy. Bow hunters should know their capabilities and must be able to shoot from the sitting and standing position. Bow hunters must be able to shoot through a very small hole without causing distraction. Furthermore, archers should know the anatomy of African game as shot placement is very important.

Bow hunters should have a fair knowledge of the African game and their anatomy to enable the hunter to place the perfect shot. Helpful equipment like laser rangefinders manufactured by Nikon and Bushnell is recommended.

Equipment and Restrictions

Generally a bow and arrow combination that can produce a minimum of 65lbs. of kinetic energy with broad head-tipped arrows is recommended. As it is often very dark inside blinds you may have difficulty in seeing your sight pins. Lighted sight pins are therefore a must when hunting from inside a blind. A laser rangefinder like Nikon or Bushnell is also recommended. The recommended bow and arrow will be a combination that will produce at least 65lbs of KE (kinetic Energy). Broad headed-tipped arrows are recommended for use when hunting African game.

Bow Hunting South Africa